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Shape Up with The Best of Clarins Malaysia Body Slimming Products

How to achieve a slimmer body?

Losing weight or getting slim is a common New Year’s resolution, and there are many ways to reach that goal. Diet and exercise are effective ways to lose weight. You need to pick the right diet that suits your lifestyle and health needs. Simpler diets would involve cutting down on sugars, greasy food, or food that is high in trans-fat. You can always join a gym or go for an evening jog at the park several times a week, or join in sports activities to shed the extra weight while having fun. With all that said, cultivating good lifestyle habits will contribute to weight loss, such as sleeping early and avoiding alcohol.

Aside from dieting, exercising and healthy lifestyle choices, you can also try body contouring products to achieve a slimmer figure.

Why should you use body slimming products?

The right body contouring products are designed to help you attain a contoured body shape. Exercising is great, but it’s usually a long process that requires lots of commitment, perseverance and self-discipline. When combined with exercise, the products can speed up the slimming process so you can achieve the body of your dreams in a shorter time span. Another reason why women love slimming body care products is because these products help to reduce the appearance of sagging skin, a common issue linked to sudden weight loss. When you lose weight, your skin naturally sags due to a loss in collagen and elastin. That’s where slimming creams and other body contouring products come in.

Why choose Clarins body slimming products?

At Clarins, we aim to provide botanical products that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. We supply solutions to help tighten and firm the skin with non-invasive, plant-based formulas that are kind to all skin types. All our body slimming products are made safe, gentle and effective.

Our Body Shaping Cream contours those stubborn curves while hydrating your skin, so your skin doesn’t lose its firmness. It’s totally safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers as it doesn’t contain harmful substances. This cream sculpts your figure and enhances your skin tone, while promoting micro-circulation throughout your body. The best part is that this slimming cream also shrinks cellulite-causing swollen tissue cells. Many women use this as a tummy-slimming cream because it lifts sagging skin and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.

Another great slimming cream for the tummy is the Super Restorative Redefining Body Care. This is ideal for women over 50 years of age because it also reduces wrinkles and fine lines while hydrating and nourishing the skin. Made with Green Coffee, Pueraria Lobata and Crowberry extracts, this cream helps to tighten sagging skin quickly and effortlessly, especially in the abdomen and waist.

Get rid of cellulite with our Body Fit anti-cellulite cream. This bestselling Clarins cellulite removal cream engages the help of Quince Leaf Extracts, a powerful ingredient that minimises the appearance of cellulite so your skin is visibly smoother, firmer and sculpted.

Pamper yourself with our Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil, a massage oil that effectively tones the legs and eliminates toxins. It energises the body and strengthens tired legs especially after a long day. Packed with aromatherapy benefits, it’s a pregnancy-safe massage oil for mothers-to-be.

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