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Clarins: Makeup Concealers That Won’t Disappoint

Dark circles are a common concern these days among Malaysians. Apart from genetics, some of us inherit it through late nights, long hours in front of the screen and unhealthy sleeping habits. If you struggle with rings beneath your eyes, you’ll understand the pain of sourcing for face concealers online, only to be greeted with products that might not always work. Let’s face it – dark circles are annoying, but they don’t have to ruin your day. All you need is a really good makeup concealer, and you can kiss those shadows beneath your eyes goodbye!

With a plethora of concealers in Malaysia, we understand that it might be tricky getting the right concealer online. If you’re looking to buy concealers online to reduce the appearance of dark circles, you should try the Clarins Instant Concealer! This long-wearing face concealer contains aloe vera, which calms and rejuvenates your skin tone. It blends well into the skin to even out the region around the eyes, and leaves a soft, velvety feeling in its wake.

Dab it gently on the areas you want to conceal and watch the magic happen. Now those dark circles don’t seem so dark anymore! This amazing face concealer also comes in two shades to suit your skin tone.

Our Instant Light Brush-On Perfector doubles up as a makeup concealer and highlighter to deliver impeccable results in one swift stroke! It veils the dark, shadowy areas on the face and firms up the skin, thanks to the presence of oat sugars, which tighten the skin upon application and reduce signs of tiredness. Not only does it conceal imperfections, it also sculpts your features and illuminates your bone structure very naturally! Brush it along your cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge and other areas of the face to sharpen your features while adding a luminous glow to your skin.

Well, the great news is that you can purchase these face concealers online from the convenience of your own home and have them delivered straight to your door! Visit our website for more information.